XRumer 7.08 Elite es el mejor programa para el SEO

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XRumer 7.08 Elite es el mejor programa para el SEO

EntradaAutor: AntuanetteEa Data: dg. nov. 20, 2011 12:57 pm

It's REAL power for internet-promo and for mass-posting!
English desription of XRumer 7.08 Elite:

+ it can mass post to forums, blogs, guestbooks, CMS's, socials
+ absolutely automatically break a lot of captchas (more than 100 types of captchas, included ReCaptcha!)
+ break more than 15.000 types of textcaptchas (such as "1+1?", "what color of snow?", etc.)
+ autoconfirmate all links from email
+ mass register profiles on forums, edit it, upload avatars, writes signature, etc.
+ have a lot of macroses
+ autoregistrate email accounts on GMail, Mail.ru, etc.
+ have special modes, for example Mass-PM, for sending PM's to all forums members
+ more, and more!

For Russian users:
+ automatically mass send messages in VKontakte, Odnoklassniki (auto-break captcha too!)

Want to post your message more than 100.000 different site all over the world?! You can make it ONLY with XRumer 7.08 Elite!
(latest version was updated in November 2011)

Need more info? Just google it ;)
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